Experience the Magic of Horse Medicine

Experience the Magic of Horse Medicine

Experience the Magic of Horse MedicineExperience the Magic of Horse MedicineExperience the Magic of Horse Medicine

Thank you for your interest in our work...

We would like to share a little bit about ourselves and why we're passionate about sharing the magic of horse medicine.

  We met in 2018 when we had the opportunity to spend 17 days together studying advanced liberty work in Escondido, CA.  During that experience we formed a unique bond as we realized our shared passion for horses.  Since then we've been drawn to work together sharing our experiences, knowledge and the magic of horses with the world.  

We hope you are compelled by the comprehensive program we have put together, and that you will join us for an unforgettable experience at one of our locations in either California, Colorado or Arizona.



Toni is a HeartMath® Certified Coach/Mentor and Ginny and Stephanie are both Approved Add Heart.® HeartMath® Facilitators.  They add heart to every interaction be it human or animal. 

"When you follow your heart you lead with love." -Ginny Jablonski  

Ginny Jablonski


Owner of Heart of the Horse Prescott, AZ

Ginny is an animal communicator, equine bodyworker, instructor and horse medicine facilitator.  Over the years, Ginny has focused her work on people and animals who are struggling on their journey or who have suffered abuse or neglect.

In her horse medicine sessions Ginny allows the animals to guide her and the participant through her ability to receive and share ancient equine wisdom, often referred to as Medicine. 

These high frequency messages can often facilitate profound shifts in a person's perspective and energy field. Ginny blends her animal communication skills and her unique intuitive abilities to offer a unique and profound healing experience. 

Ginny travels the country teaching animal communication and supporting people on their own healing journeys.

Stephanie Johnson


Owner of True North Equine Wellness Lincoln, CA

Stephanie's journey with horses began 5 years ago when she rescued her first horse.  Not a clue about how to care for her new partner she made it her mission to gain as much knowledge as she could to help him with his recovery.  

This led her to her new found passion.  Equine wellness, body. mind and spirit!  She has spent the last 5 years acquiring knowledge from various resources in the industry.  She also realized that she wanted to approach her relationship with her horses from a different perspective.  She wanted a true partnership.  This lead her to experience liberty work, the gift of the horses and HeartMath®.   

Now partnering with two other ladies that share the same passion, she is a co- host of weekend events where you can experience the magic of horse medicine. 

Toni Petersen


Owner of Untethered Spirits Farm  Fort Collins, Colorado


Toni began her quest 15 years ago searching for a way  to understand why the horses had such a healing presence.  What were they trying to communicate and why they had such a profound impact on her life. 

In time, her path led to further study of a number of horse training methods.  Ultimately, she came to the conclusion that anyone who is interested in building a successful working relationship with their horse, must develop an approach that is uniquely their own, born from intuition, practice, knowledge and flexible boundaries that result in a balance of freedom and connection.


Now many years later, Toni welcomes you to experience the wisdom of the herd and the healing power of horses at Untethered Spirits Farm.